Charlotte Roadside Assistance

  • What are the rates for a tow?

Call (980) 729-5199 or chat with our dispatchers for rates.  Our towing Charlotte NC dispatchers will be friendly when you call and seek the rates based on location.  The deal we offer change by city and service needed, so we will need to know a little more information before answering this question.

  • What type of tow trucks does your company operate?

Flatbeds only – we believe it is the best way to provide safe and damage free service to our customers.

  • How long will it take to receive service?

The time it takes us to help our customers depends on the volume of customers and weather conditions. Please call dispatch at (980) 729-5199  or use the live chat feature for an accurate ETA.

  • Do I have to order my tow online?

No, you can also call (980) 729-5199.

  • Do I need to be with my vehicle to receive service?

No, but the keys must be left with the vehicle if a customer is not present.

  • What payment options do you offer?

We accept cash and credit cards however there may be a minimal charge for credit card service.  Please let our dispatcher know prior to service.

We are the experts of the towing and roadside assistance services here in the beautiful state of North Carolina. We can help in any roadside assistance or towing in Charlotte. Our pride and joy is to help serve in all types of emergency situations in the metro area. We have the technology and power to get you and your vehicle to the safer grounds. If your car is in need of fuel or mechanical work we can help. We will be right there to solve the issue right on the spot. Our team is made up of professional and reliable staff that you can rely on to do a great job, every time.